FUNSHINE is licensed as a group home and cares for mixed ages in a spacious two-bedroom daylight apartment that is used exclusively for our child care learning environment. Everything is kid-sized and easily accessible to the children so it resembles a home setting. This helps the children feel valued and accepted and allows your child to grow and develop socially and emotionally similar to a home atmosphere.

FUNSHINE’S goal is to provide high quality care for your child in an environment that creates a healthy social and emotional atmosphere that enables your child to grow, learn and achieve their highest potential in a safe, kid-friendly environment. FUNSHINE meets the needs and interests of the children in developmentally appropriate ways in a warm and stimulating environment that encourages independence, success and growth. Because FUNSHINE offers a smaller group setting with one caregiver, your child receives consistent, responsive, individualized care allowing them to feel welcome and secure. We want your child to think of FUNSHINE as their 2nd home— their home away from home.

FUNSHINE is Idaho’s first Nature Explore classroom that recognizes a commitment to use the natural world as an integral part of learning and development. Read the articles related to this endeavor here: