FUNSHINE’S program is designed to lay the foundation your child needs to learn pre- writing and pre-literacy concepts, logical thinking abilities, and appropriate social, emotional and language skills needed to succeed in life and in school.

With three year olds we focus on social skills, fine motor development, peer interactions, using language to express themselves and basic concepts in a concrete manner. The four and five year olds will learn more specific skills needed for kindergarten readiness including self-help and social skills, listening to and following instructions, working cooperatively with others, language concepts and personal development in an abstract manner. Each month we will incorporate at least one theme introduce letters, numbers, shapes and colors, have fun with stories, pretend and learn, music, outdoor play and nature related experiences. Outdoor experiences and play is preferred and experienced every possible day throughout the year. You can view our preschool planning outline here

The focus and attention of our curriculum is on constructive play because play is an essential building block for healthy children and a critical part of the foundation children need to lead well adjusted, happy and productive lives. FUNSHINE is a child centered environment where there are few restrictions to allow for risk taking. Child centered does not mean the absence of rules, structure, boundaries or curriculum. It means that FUNSHINE realizes the power of play and the importance of creativity and allows us the flexibility to respect each child’s individual developmental timetables. Because FUNSHINE is a child-centered environment our curriculum evolves around interest and needs of the children and we offer many learning areas to contribute to the child’s whole development. These include:

To allow for imaginative play and role playing we have many prop boxes (school, bank, office worker, post office, restaurant, barber/beauty shop, detective, etc.)

CLICK HERE >> to view our Curriculum Outline.