Young children learn from play and by doing and should be offered various opportunities to make meaningful choices in order to succeed and feel competent, as well as activities that challenge them but are not too difficult. Children need hands on, feelings on, minds on, constructive play experiences made available to them for active learning in order to lay the critical foundation needed to promote healthy social and emotional development necessary for them to succeed in school and life. To allow for this kind of development FUNSHINE is a child centered environment—a place where we recognize the importance and power of play and creativity.

It is proven that healthy social and emotional development is the basis for all other learning, and because a child’s first five years is crucial for this development,FUNSHINE is dedicated to supporting the healthy development your child’s whole development physically through gross and fine motor activities; emotionally through recognition of feelings and close, responsive care; socially through encouragement and cooperative play with other children; and intellectually through developmentally appropriate activities and practices.