• For your child to be cared for in a clean, safe, supportive environment
  • For your child to be greeted with a smile and to be treated with kindness, respect, boundaries, consistency, and fairness
  • To establish clear policies and procedures that are flexible enough to meet each family’s needs
  • To serve nutritious, well balanced snacks and meals in a relaxed atmosphere
  • To communicate regularly about your child’s rest, nutrition, behavior, skills, fears, interests, joys and accomplishments
  • To approach and discuss situations that arise so we can work together pro-actively
  • To care for, listen to and respect each child individuality without discrimination
  • To respect and preserve family confidentiality while meeting your family’s needs and goals
  • To maintain family values and pride in ethnic and cultural differences without discrimination
  • To maintain an all-inclusive environment and to provide translation services if needed.
  • To make a long term commitment to each family to meet your child’s need for continuity of care
  • To be dependable and prepared for each day
  • To be contacted if your child is ill or hasn’t arrived from school
  • To keep you abreast of upcoming events and announcements with a regular newsletter
  • To have resources available regarding your child’s development, safety, nutrition, and health, as well as family resources for community support and services
  • To access your child’s development using age appropriate checklists and convey those results to you a minimum of twice each year
  • For me to maintain a professional demeanor/business and to keep updated on current trends, developmentally appropriate practices, and research related to children and their development


  • To escort your child to and from FUNSHINE’S entry way and assist them with their outerwear
  • To follow health guidelines as outlined in your Parent Handbook
  • To contact FUNSHINE before your expected arrival time if your child will not be attending or will be arriving unusually late
  • To be available when called in case of emergency or illness
  • To communicate any concerns, observations, or suggestions as they arise
  • To bring your child appropriately dressed for outdoor play every day
  • To inform FUNSHINE of any changes in address, phone numbers, place of employment, medical conditions or insurance changes
  • To pick up and drop off your child according to the times stated in our agreement and pay overtime charges accordingly
  • To make payments when expected, and in full
  • To keep all arrangements between us confidential


  • To provide a clean, safe, supportive, consistent, responsive environment
  • To meet each child’s emotional, physical and intellectual needs in ways that are developmentally appropriate
  • To use all equipment, materials and facilities on an equal basis
  • To be treated with respect and kindness, and to listen and respect each child individually
  • To provide guidance that is fair and non-punitive
  • To be actively involved with them
  • To plan at least one special activity each day
  • For me to be available to comfort them when needed
  • To feel like they’re part of an extended family while at FUNSHINE, where everyone feels needed and wanted, and has a sense of belonging.


  • Take care of themselves
  • Take care of others
  • Take care of our things