It is proven that in smaller group child care settings children are safer, language development is greater, aggressive behavior is lessened, and the spread of communicable disease is less. Fewer children equal fewer incidences.

Because the same caregiver is always present a much closer bond is formed and we get to really know your child’s behaviors and quirks; what they like and dislike; how they will react to particular events, transitions and activities; what to avoid and what to encourage;

Home based caregivers provide one consistent caregiver with zero turnover.

Your child will not be advanced to another room with a new caregiver at every age milestone so siblings can remain in the same environment rather than being separated.

Close relationships are formed with families offering critical emotional support for your child.

Children who require more one-on-one attention are more likely to get it in smaller group settings. Care is more responsive to each individual child.

The caregiver can adapt all learning experiences to different ages and abilities and older children enjoy and learn by assisting younger ones, creating closeness among our FUNSHINE family allowing your child to grow socially and emotionally in ways similar to a family setting.